50% OFF an Indoor Cabinet or wall Bracket with the purchase of a Defibrillator Until July 1st

Community Defibrillator At Whitritoa Surf Club

Check out the new Whiritoa Surf Lifesaving Club new outside community defibrillator that is accessible 24/7!! This defibrillator was donated by generous memebers of the community. 

This defibrillator is accessible 24/7 with just a simple call to 111 to ask for the access code to the defib. This means that a defib is available instantly while waiting for further help to arrive.

Why a defibrillator is important:

  • 5 New Zealanders suffer a sudden cardiac arrest each day
  • 6% of patients who suffered sudden cardiac arrest in public were defibrillated with a public access defibrillator
  • Sudden cardiac arrest kills 5 x that of the national road toll, every year
  • Use of an AED within 3-5 min of collapse can increase the chance of survival by up to 44%