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Community Defibrillator Update New Zealand

Three years ago we set the goal to increase the number of 24/7 Defibrillators in New Zealand. Since then we have placed over 200 publicly accessible defibrillators in New Zealand's communities.

It was noticed that despite many New Zealand businesses making the investment of purchasing a defibrillator, after normal working hours these life saving units were inaccessible.

By providing robust and secure cabinets, accessed by dialing 111 or by smashing the glass for a key survival rates over New Zealand have been increased.

One of the installs 3 years ago was a cabinet and defibrillator donated by a local resident at Takapuna Beach. Today we visited the Defibrillator to check on the condition. As everyone knows our climate is very harsh and perhaps there is no place that we would be up against the elements of our sun, salt and rain as on a beach front. But after 3 years this unit is in immaculate condition (apart from the spiders)