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Hand only CPR- Hard & Fast No Kissing

Hands-only CPR

In 2012 The British Heart Foundation worked with Vinnie Jones to help us teach the nation how to do Hands-only CPR: pushing hard and fast on the chest without giving rescue breaths.

With the risk of coronavirus (Covid-19) The Resuscitation Council are advising NOT to give rescue breaths and to perform Hands-only CPR.

Hands-only CPR can still increase a person’s chance of survival.

How to do Hands-only CPR

When somebody collapses in front of you, what do you do?

  1. Check the person over. If they are not responsive and not breathing normally, then their heart has stopped working and they are having a cardiac arrest.
  2. Now, call 111 (not 999). Then you do Hands-only CPR.
  3. Do not put your face close to theirs. If you think there's risk of infection, use a towel or a piece of clothing and lay it over their mouth and nose.
  4. Put one hand on top of the other, interlinking your fingers. Your hand on the bottom should have the fingers open. Lock your fingers together, knuckles up. Then push down, in the middle of the chest right on the sovereign. Push down five or six centimetres. That’s about two inches. Push hard and fast about two times a second, like to the beat of Stayin’ Alive. Don’t worry about hurting someone. A cracked rib can be mended –just concentrate on saving a life.
  5. Keep this up until the ambulance arrives.
  6. After the ambulance have taken over wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or use an alcohol based hand gel.

So don’t forget. Check him over. Call 111. Push hard and fast to Stayin’ Alive. It works.

Hands-only CPR. It’s not as hard as it looks.