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Where Is The Closest Defibrillator To You?

There are a lot of publicly available Defibrillators in New Zealand, but they were worthless if people do not know where they are. Gareth Jenkins started the AED location APP to solve this issue. You can access this from your smartphone or PC to immediately see where your nearest defibrillator is located.

People were dying within 50 metres of an Defib because no one knew it was there.

A Defibrillator can increase someone's chance of survival following cardiac arrest by up to 80% if applied immediately.

We suggest that you download the App NOW on your phone. Take a look at your area of work and your home neighborhood to ensure that if you, or someone nearby needs a Defib in a hurry, that you have access to the location. You could save a life!

Check if the defibrillator near you is available 24/7 or only at certain times. A defibrillator that is available 24/7 will be highlighted in green

Over 9,000 locations are now mapped on this website and the Android and iPhone apps.