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Schiller FRED Easyport Battery
Schiller FRED Easyport Battery

Schiller FRED Easyport Battery

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Lead-Time can be up to 8 weeks

Replacement Battery for the Schiller Fred Easport AED.

Battery Shelf Life is 5 years

The High resolution Screen on the Fred Easyport AED highlights the battery life. 

How to Replace:
- Take out the old battery
- Insert the new battery in to the Fred Easport AED battery compartment to make the the equipment ready for the defibrillation process

The Fred Easyport battery gives the Defibrillator power to perform automated checks to ensure that everything is in full working order.
Having a functional defibrillator will drastically reduce the response time to treat a casualty, greatly increasing their chance of survival.

Schiller’s reliability, environmentally friendly practices, and drive to constantly develop their products, have made then a highly respected manufacturer.